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Sounding Board

I will match you with a group of 4-6 likeminded solopreneurs and kick-start your Sounding Board. Go on a weekly 1h video call with them and get a boost for your business activity.

* If you are not happy - full refund, no questions asked.

What is a Sounding Board?
- A group of 4-6 solopreneurs, makers and doers who have a weekly 1h video call.
What is the purpose?
- Mutual encouragement, feedback, ideation.
How does the matching work?
- I group people with complementary skills, compatible time zones and at a similar stage in their entrepreneurship.
What happens in the weekly Sounding Board calls?
- The magic typically happens in three ways: the encouragement you feel in the days leading up to each call, the sharing of plans and progress during the call and the discussion that ensues, with feedback, questions and ideas everyone contributes with.
Where did the idea originate?
- I was inspired by the Working Out Loud concept and started a group of 5 in the Small Bets Community. It really made a difference for us and lifted our businesses. Over 10 months, we optimized the idea for solopreneurs and called it Sounding Board. We saw many interested in a group but having a hard time finding one. That's why I started this.
What is included?
- The matchmaking, the onboarding, info materials as well as support for 3 months, including drop-out replacement.
What effect does the Sounding Board have?
- Many have reported that it encouraged them to go from 0 to 1, the first steps of a new idea, and to keep going as a solopreneur. And it works like a free team of advisors because everyone contributes with their unique skills and experiences.
It fills the gap that many experience who leave full-time employment behind and no longer have a team: the gap between larger communities (like cohort-based courses or Twitter) and working solo. No boss or obligation, instead a circle of trust with people who grow with you. Purely voluntary and based on intrinsic motivation.

* Guaranteed. Not happy - full refund, no questions asked.

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